5G – IS it a new technology with positive effects?

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One day our life will definitely end if we don’t care about what matters. The world is getting updated from wired gadgets to wireless gadgets and more and more it is getting updating. The way we see the world yesterday will not be same today, a lot changes will be there. In the same way, the world is changing from 4G to 5G, which means instead of wireless as 4G, the 5G will work with the senses. But is also very harmful. Because of 5G, the radiation will get increased around some million times from now. How to protect from 5G will be the biggest task in recent times. The radiation or the waves called as millimetre waves are very harmful, which will cause a lot of health issues.

Issues to be noted.

Using 5G will cause a number of health issues like depression, anxiety, decreases problem solving skills and some other mental issues. There will some other issues like sleeping disorders, dementia etc. because of which people will be suffered a lot. The young stars and the old people will get effected a lot because of this 5G radiation. Because of the waves there will be some major problems like people reporting with heart problems and respiratory problems, which are very harmful and they may lead to death of the patient.

Updating to 5G will be very beautiful and helpful for the people, but there will be a lot of problems and side effects with the use of this update.

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