It’s fun to be able to get off work and get dressed up to go to bar with your girlfriends but as a woman it is important to note that your life might be really independent and free but there are still a lot of dangers that can come with you going out for the night. This does not mean that you shouldn’t go out of course, it just means that you should be careful since there are quite a few men out there who would be more than willing to do you harm unless you take steps to protect yourself.

One thing that you might want to try to do is to never leave your drink unattended. Going to bars in Pontiac MI in a large group is a really great way to stay safe, but at the same time it can happen that someone is off dancing, someone else is in the bathroom and you might turn away for a second as well and that’s really all the time a predator would need to end up spiking your drink.

Keep an eye on your drink, or at the very least make sure that one person is going to be at the table at all times to keep everyone’s drinks safe. This is the only way in which you can figure out how you can end up truly looking into the kind of fun night that you would want to have rather than getting drugged and having to worry about where such a precarious situation could end up leaving you since it most definitely won’t be anywhere good that much is certain.

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